Mastering the Taxation Concept In Kenya

Mastering the Taxation Concept with Dennykins Associates

Taxation is a daunting concept that most individuals cannot stand. As a result, a significant number overlook various taxation concepts that could put them on the wrong side of the law. Although individuals may pinpoint the current tax rate in their country, hardly can they offer more details about this concept in-depth.

Mastering the Taxation Concept In KenyaFor instance, most can scarcely name the different types of withholding tax agents, or even the withholding tax rate in Kenya. This is because a higher number only learn the taxation concept when they find themselves in a fix. When people are facing the government’s wrath, that’s when you see them asking for help in various cases. For instance, help to file their nil returns, help writing a KRA waiver, or help with Automated Verification of VAT Returns (VAA) in Kenya. Dennykins Associates can help you master this concept to avoid legal laws that may arise when one commits a taxation fault. To kick it off, let us first look at what tax agents in Kenya do. 


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