How to Write KRA Waiver Letters

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How to Write KRA Waiver Letters

How to Write KRA Waiver Letters 

How to Write KRA Waiver Letters: Instead of applying for a KRA waiver using iTax, one may opt to write a KRA waiver letter. The writing process is quite straightforward, given that there is no specific format that one has to follow. All one needs to do is have valid reasons why the penalties occurred and why they are requesting a waiver. These reasons must be realistic and practical. Sometimes people tend to be dramatic, which can make them miss out on the waivers.

You can also attach evidence that supports your waiver request. After writing your waiver letter, you need to address it to your station manager. Usually, the KRA station is printed on the pinned certificate. Therefore, when you are writing this letter, address it to your specified station manager. The waiver application can only be approved at your station.

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