Dennykins Associates is one of the few KRA tax agents in Kenya that have an excellent understanding of the taxation concept. Apart from offering taxation advice and support, we also provide accounting and bookkeeping services, income tax returns filing help, remission of penalties, help with filling PAYE returns and KRA tax returns.

Dennykins Associates Journey .........

Dennykins Associates is an Authorized KRA Tax Agents in Kenya .
We have excellent understanding of the taxation in Kenya.

  • 2016
    Tax Advsiory Services
    KRA Tax Agent Services
    Our tax advisory services address the needs and objectives of our customers. We have a strong team of tax specialists that enhances our client business by anticipating the strategic opportunities and risks that may impact their tax situation.
  • 2017
    Business Advisory Services
    Business Services
    At Dennykins Associated we provide business advisory services to profit and non-profit making organizations. We offer business registration services and many more .
  • 2018
    Auditing Services
    Audit and Assurance
    Audit of the financial Statements gives value and credibility to the financial statements prepared by management.We provide Audit & Assurance services.
  • 2019
    Bookkeeping and Acounting
    Bookkeping & Accounting
    Proper bookkeeping makes other accounting functions, such as audits, payroll, and tax preparation, much simpler and less time consuming.
  • 2020
    Tax Training
    Training , Seminars & Workshops
    We offer training courses, workshops facilitations and consultancy services that are often multi-disciplinary and tailored to meet needs of our clients.
  • 2021
    Tax Compliance
    Voluntary Tax Disclosure This is a programme where a taxpayer confidentially discloses tax liabilities that were previously undisclosed to the Commissioner for the purpose of being granted relief of penalties and interest of the tax disclosed.
  • 2022
    Tax invoice management system (TIMS)
    electronic Tax invoice
    KRA is phasing out old ETR Machines at dennykins we will advise you on the following ..Timeliness within which to comply ,Features of valid tax invoice/receipt ,Approved ETR suppliers&manufacturers and queries relating to TIMS
  • 2023
    Tax Regulations , Laws& Procedures Acts
    Tax Regulations , Laws& Procedures Acts
    Income Tax Cap 470, Tax Procedures Act, VAT Act 2013, Finance Bills ,Among other Acts.. Dennykins is ready to give tax insights and guidelines

Tax Advisory Services.....

Dennykins Associates is one of the few KRA tax agents in Kenya that have an excellent understanding of the taxation concept.

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