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Dennykins Associates offers variety of services which include:

Tax Agent services

Dennykins Associates is a distinguished firm of KRA tax agents in Kenya with a deep expertise in taxation. We specialize in providing a range of tax agent services, including KRA objections, Tax Appeal Tribunal representation, as well as Auction and Asset Recovery Agency services
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Financial Planning

Dennykins Associates stands out as a select group of financial consultants with a unique ability to assess liquidity impacts across diverse portfolios. Our expertise encompasses evaluating your present financial standing, formulating strategic financial objectives, and providing guidance on decisions such as securing loans, asset sales, and the associated tax implications.
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Business Registration

Dennykins Associates possesses extensive expertise in company secretarial services, including business and partnership registration, annual statutory returns filing, compliance management, and periodic secretarial health assessments. Additionally, we specialize in managing processes related to company winding-up and mergers.
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Book keeping

Dennykins Associates is committed to facilitating meticulous record-keeping for our clients, taking full responsibility for managing all aspects of organizational accounts and financial statements. We leverage a sophisticated system to maintain and secure records and client information efficiently.
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KRA services

Dennykins Associates offers comprehensive KRA services, including assistance with company registration PIN applications, registration for non-Kenyan /Foreign entities KRA PIN, KRA waiver applications, cancellation of PIN obligations, etc.
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Tax Training

Dennykins Associates provides professional training on tax filing processes, covering PAYE, VAT, income tax, capital gains tax, and stamp duty. Additionally, we offer training in drafting KRA waiver letters, KRA tax compliance applications, and guidance on follow-up procedures with relevant authorities
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