GUIDELINES ON TAXATION OF NON-RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS The Value Added Tax Act was amended through Finance Bill 2007 by deleting Paragraph 10(c) from the Third Schedule. Following the amendment renting, leasing, hiring or letting of non-residential buildings will become taxable with effect from 1st January, 2008.  The following Guidelines are issued in order to guide staff

How to handle KRA estimated Assesments

Assessments issued under section 73(3) of the Income tax Act Section 73(3) empowers the Commissioner to raise an Assessment where a taxpayer fails to submit a return which Assessment is loosely referred to as “Estimated Assessments”. Once an Assessment is issued, it can only be vacated or amended upon receipt of a valid objection and

Understanding VAT in businesses

Value Added Tax (VAT) VAT is an indirect tax that is paid by the person who consumes taxable goods and taxable services supplied in Kenya and/or imported into Kenya The tax is collected at designated points by VAT registered persons who act as the agents of the Government. VAT on imported services is paid by

Easy way to be a KRA Tax Agent In Kenya

THE TAX PROCEDURES (TAX AGENTS) REGULATIONS IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Section 112 of the Tax Procedures Act, 2015, the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning makes the following Regulations. 1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Tax Procedures (TaxAgents) Regulations, 2019. “Committee” means the Tax Agent Committee established under
Easy way to be a KRA Tax Agent In Kenya | Dennykins Associates

Tax Health Check procedures

TAX HEALTH CHECKS The idea – similar to a regular medical check-up with your doctor now a health check of your organization’s tax affairs’ review of your business’s records and accounting systems with a view to: Identify any areas of risk in relation to tax Mitigate any tax risk Giving confidence in the level of

KRA M-Service App

How to use KRA M-service App works The app was unveiled in August this year and is available for download on Google Play store. According to Jacob Alert, M-Service’s project manager, the app will be available for iOS on Apple’s App Store in early 2021. He also said that the USSD version of the M-Service
How to Apply for KRA Waiver Using iTax

How to Get KRA Pin If Forgotten

KRA Pin recovery KRA Pin recovery : Most people tend to displace their KRA pin certificates, making it difficult to access their pins. Fortunately, Dennykins Associates is here to help you access your pin in three ways. Here are three different ways in which you can retrieve your KRA pin if you have forgotten or

How to respond to KRA Tax demand

How to respond to KRA Tax demand How to respond to KRA Tax demand : Taxation as a concept entails various aspects such as tax demands, incentives, assessments, clearance, etc. Dennykins Associates can help you master each of these tax elements. Of all these tax concepts, tax demands tend to stand out since most people

Mastering the Taxation Concept In Kenya

Mastering the Taxation Concept with Dennykins Associates Taxation is a daunting concept that most individuals cannot stand. As a result, a significant number overlook various taxation concepts that could put them on the wrong side of the law. Although individuals may pinpoint the current tax rate in their country, hardly can they offer more details

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