What are the services offered by Dennykins & Associates

Tax Advisory at Dennykins & Associates

What are the services offered by Dennykins & Associates

Tax comes into play in almost every aspect of the business. Therefore, it is vital to avoid losses related to taxes by seeking the right tax advice before you take on business transactions. Thus, planning taxes is best at the inception stage of the business. Nevertheless, there are instances where transactions might have been undertaken without tax planning at all or without proper tax planning.  In case you are in such a situation, it is vital that you identify the various tax risks and identify the most suitable ways to mitigate them. Do not hesitate, we, dennykinsassociates.com, are ready to satisfy all your risk requirements.

Here at dennykins and associates, we combine human ingenuity, we work together as a community of solvers, and we combine technology innovation and experience to ensure that we establish trust and deliver sustained results.

Tax Advisory Service and Tax Preparation

Tax preparation entails state, local, and federal tax returns. Tax advisory service entails analysis of tax and financial problems, coming up with solutions, and issuing recommendations intended to provide relevant advice on taxation for various clients ranging from businesses to individuals.

A tax advisor has the role of helping entities and individuals translate their goals into suitable targeted actions formulated to maximize the tax position of an entity or the individual. Proper and effective tax planning helps entities or individuals understand the effects of the tax on every financial decision made or yet to be made. The experience of candidates in tax advisory and tax presentation may entail participation in advising or preparing on:

  • Estate tax planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax ramifications of real estate and corporate transactions
  • Reorganization of partnerships and corporations
  • State individual and federal income tax returns
  • Corporate and individual tax planning
  • Tax implications of acquiring business assets and existing businesses
  • The tax efficiency of charitable programs and proposed gift programs
  • Income tax planning for executives including employee benefit plans and compensation
  • Personal financial planning for individual client executives and employees
  • State and federal corporation tax return
  • Programs on retirement planning
  • College planning programs
  • Tax implications on deductions and income, major purchases, contributions, and investments.
  • Estate planning including preparation of trust and wills
  • Property tax assessments
  • Tax advice to trustees and executors
  • Presentation of clients in tax disputes and negotiations with the regulatory body
  • Succession planning
  • Customs and trade services- help clients ensure compliance with regulations and laws on trade while trying to reduce, avoid, or defer general customs duties.
  • VAT- value-added tax services
  • Transfer pricing evaluation and studies, documentation, and amendment of existing policies.
  • Valuation services

Tax Reporting

Tax reporting is vital within tax function, however, the tax reporting processes must entail enhanced automation, better data processing and integration, more room for data analytics, tax professionals who are tech-savvy, and solid and comprehensive internal and external controls.

Such improvements enable proper functionality of the tax function and ensure quality output in less time, giving room to create and contribute to the strategic decision-making of the company.

Compliance cuts across all taxes, tax reporting, and statutory accounting and is becoming more and more complex. It is for this reason that we, here at dennykins and associates, use experience to ensure that we provide tax advisory and tax compliance services across the border to deliver both global and domestic multi-tax compliance services for our customers.

Indirect Taxes

Proper management of indirect taxes require comprehensive and strategic approach. VAT- Value added tax and other indirect taxes are by day becoming a huge center of focus for companies as a result of compliance cost, initiatives on cost reduction, centralization of business reporting and processing, shared service center, and increased scrutiny and audit by tax authority.

Dennykins and associates has a team of tax professionals, the necessary tools, and a functional disciplinary technique to provide you with all the solutions you require today, and counter all the challenges that indirect tax bring tomorrow.

Why Us

Ecommerce and digital businesses are increasingly taxed globally based on the consumption place. Our team of experienced consultants are dedicated to ensure that you attain all the compliance needs and provide knowledge of emerging and current requirements by the regulatory authority.

It is statutory to comply in any state all over the world. Therefore, it is fundamental for every individual or organization to understand the tax implications on various business transactions. It is our joy seeing our clients operate without hinderance.

Our Services

  • Providing support in VAT application refund claims on behalf of the taxpayers.
  • Reviews of VAT compliance. This process entails comprehensive review of all your available VAT records and advise you on the various sections of non-compliance and guide on the way forward.
  • Training of your staff to reduce the risk exposure of the business.
  • VAT advisory on various capital projects and other transactions.
  • Audit support by revenue authority and dispute resolution entailing representation of TAT-Tax Appeal Tribunal or facilitating engagement with the Kenya Revenue Authority through ADR- Alternative Dispute Resolution framework.
  • Conduct review of contracts signed with different parties and advising on tax risks or implications.
  • Legislate amendments in Value Added Tax law through engagement with the National Assembly, National Treasury, the Kenya Revenue Authority and other relevant bodies.

We take delight in helping businesses formulate regulatory and tax strategies and ensure effective management of requirements related to regulatory and tax compliance.

We combine fresh ideas and creative mindsets, diverse points-of-view to ensure that we do the extraordinary. Here at dennykins and associates, we strive to move towards new techniques of ensuring that we deliver transformation with the most desirable business outcomes.

We strive to build trust with our clients since it is the greatest link that connects your people. The organization, the stakeholders, the world, and the customers. We always work to earn and grow trust when interacting with clients, through encounters, and every engagement and relationship


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