How to File Income Tax Return in Kenya

How to File Income Tax Return (KRA) in Kenya

How to File Income Tax Return in Kenya : With insight into the roles of tax agents in Kenya, we can now look at another common concept, which is filing tax returns. In every fiscal year, every taxpayer in Kenya is required to file their returns. However, only half or a quarter of the population at large do this. This is because most citizens are not conversant with the filing returns process. Here is a step by step guide on how to file KRA returns on iTax:

Step 1: Log in to iTax site or the KRA iTax portal

How to File Income Tax Return in KenyaYou can only access the site using your PIN and password. There is a simple arithmetic calculation you will be required to complete. It is straightforward. It could, for instance, 11 + 6. 

Step 2: Go to the E-returns Information Filling 

Click on the ‘Returns’ menu and select the type of returns you are filing. They could be income or nil returns. Specify the information that you will be asked to provide after you click on the type of returns you want to file. Or instance, you may be asked for your KRA Pin and the KRA Return Period. Prove all these details, double-check them, and hit ‘Submit.’ 

Step 3: Create the Return Receipt

After hitting the ‘Submit’ button, you will receive a notice saying your return has been submitted effectively. Go ahead and download your return receipt. 


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