How To Check and Confirm Your KRA PIN Using ITax

How To Check and Confirm Your KRA PIN Using ITax

Have you ever wished to check your KRA PIN on iTax portal? You are in the right place. It is vital to learn how to check your KRA PIN using iTax PIN checker functionality. Also, you could be having a KRA PIN number but cannot tell whether the PIN is active and valid. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to check your KRA PIN using iTax PIN checker so as to know whether your KRA PINs is valid and active on the KRA iTax portal.

Thus, in this article, we will comprehensively cover the essential steps that you should follow in order to check your KRA PIN using iTax portal. Having a KRA PIN is one thing, however, determining whether it is valid or not is another thing. It is for this reason that our team here at are committed to ensure that we provide you with all the essential tax knowledge you need as an individual or a company.

There are several instances where people confuse the various digits making their PIN numbers. It is okay since not everyone has the capacity to memorize all of them. however, if this happens to you, you should not panic at all. It is at this point that the iTax PIN checker comes into play to enable taxpayers confirm if the PIN numbers they are provided is accurate, valid, and active.

The iTax PIN checker plays a critical role on the KRA portal. If it happens that you cannot remember your KRA PIN, you can easily request for KRA PIN retrieval by reaching out to We have a team of competent and reliable tax experts who will adequately and timely respond to your retrieval request. Correspondingly, we will share with you a copy of your PIN Certificate to the email of your preference. All this is to enable you use the iTax PIN check with ease and convenience.

Requirements For Use of iTax PIN Checker

Since iTax helps us determine the authenticity of KRA PIN, the main requirement is a KRA PIN of the taxpayer.

KRA PIN Number

It is vital that you have the KRA PIN number that you need to confirm and validate. However, if you cannot remember the PIN number, you can submit a request at for help and our tax experts will help you retrieve the PIN. After that, we sill share with you the PIN Certificate to your email by our support team. Never hesitate to seek professional guidance and help, we are here for you.

Now that we have the major requirement, it is important that you proceed to confirm and comprehend how to check your KRA PIN using iTax PIN checker.

How To Check Your KRA PIN Using iTax PIN Checker

Step 1: visit the KRA iTax web portal

Step 2: click on the link, iTax PIN checker

Step 3: enter the KRA PIN number and proceed to solve the arithmetic quiz

Step 4: results of the iTax PIN checker

·       Step 1: Visit the KRA iTax Web Portal

The initial step you will have to undertake is visit the KRA iTax we portal using the following link which will lead you to the KRA iTax web portal. Kindly note that this is an external link that directs you to the KRA iTax portal.

·       Step 2:  Click on The Link, iTax PIN Checker

Once you are on the KRA page, you will have click on the iTax PIN checker link and wait for the page to load.

·       Step 3: Enter the KRA PIN Number and Proceed to Solve the Arithmetic Quiz

It is at this point that you are required to enter your KRA PIN number. If you cannot remember the PIN, you can request our team here at dennykins and associates and we will help you retrieve and share it with you immediately. Once you have entered the PIN, you will go ahead and solve the arithmetic question correctly and click on the submit button.

·       Step 4: Results of the iTax PIN Checker

This is the last step in the whole process of checking the validity and activity of the KRA PIN using iTax PIN checker. Also, it is critical to note that the iTax PIN checker results comprise of

  1. Taxpayer details
  2. Obligation details

ü  Taxpayer Details

The tax payer details make the first part of the results of the PIN checker and entails the basic information about the taxpayer. The taxpayer details on the iTax PIN checker results are usually limited only to the:

  • KRA PIN number of the taxpayer
  • full names of the taxpayer
  • KRA PIN status, i.e., dormant or active
  • KRA iTax status, i.e., iPage updated or registered

The KRA PIN number contains eleven (11) Personal Identification Number that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) issues to every taxpayer and is unique to everyone. However, it is critical to note that the PIN checker only displays the KRA PIN numbers of the taxpayers only and only if the PIN is valid. Thus, you should counter check whether you have input the right figures before you proceed to check.

ü  Obligation Details

The obligation details form the second and last part of the iTax PIN checker results and contains the following section:

  • Obligation Name

It is in this section that you will see the type of KRA obligation that the taxpayer is registered at the present time under the iTax portal. For individual taxpayers in Kenya, Income tax resident is the registered tax obligation. For companies in Kenya, the obligation registered is income tax company, PAYE pay as you earn, or VAT, value added tax.

  • Current Status

It is in this section that the status on iTax portal is displayed. All the KRA PIN numbers on the iTax portal should read registered. The status is automatically updated when one applies for a KRA PIN number.

  • Effective Dates

This is the last section of the obligation details. Effective dates from indicate the date one registered the KRA PIN on the I -TAX  portal. Also, the effective date to is not always as vital as long as the business is a going concern.

For more information on how to check and confirm your KRA PIN using iTax checker, visit



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