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Reasons for KRA Tax Waiver to Be Granted

Reasons for KRA Tax Waiver to Be Granted

Reasons for KRA Tax Waiver to Be Granted : Most waivers tend to be turned down because petitioners overlook some essential aspects. For example, they might either not portray good cause or reason for the waiver. AT Dennykins Associates we have variety of reason in support of waiver kindly visit our page for more insights ,here are some valid reasons why the KRA board can grant you your waiver:

  • Reasons for KRA Tax Waiver to Be GrantedWhen you lack to file the petition on time due to the death or severe injury and harm of a close family member.
  • When you do not submit your waiver in time because you were absent from your address where the notice is usually received for more than fifteen of the days
  • When you fail to file the petition due to an inaccurate, ambiguous, or misleading written advice as to the proper filing requirements by the board staff
  • When you fail to file the waiver in time due to a natural disaster like an earthquake or floods
  • When you submit your petition late because of delays in the delivery of the petition from the postal service
  • When the business fails to meet the deadline because the person responsible is absent due to either critical illness or another unavoidable circumstance.

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