KRA M-Service App

How to use KRA M-Service App
KRA M-service App

The app was unveiled in August this year and is available for download on Google Play store. According to Jacob Alert, M-Service’s project manager, the app will be available for iOS on Apple’s App Store in early 2021.

He also said that the USSD version of the M-Service App will be available early next year.

Over the years,  KRA has transformed its services and adapted to new technology to enhance the customer experience. To simplify and facilitate taxpayers’ processes, the state agency integrated systems such as iTax, iCMS, Soma Label, and others.

The mobile application is the latest addition to the integrated services. It was built with the aim of facilitating tax compliance and easing the payment process. The app will also help with verification of processes such as PIN authentication and a Tax compliance certificate. Services available on the app include Pin Application, Registration for/and Payment for Monthly Rental Income, and Turnover tax. You can also use the app to authenticate the identity of some KRA agents.

The KRA M-Service official launch took place today with keynote speeches from some of its top management.

“The KRA M-Service App is aimed at expanding the Tax Base, increase revenue, and enhance Tax Compliance.” Mr. Caxton Masudi, Deputy Commissioner, Policy & Tax Advisory, Domestic Taxes said.

“KRA has automated practically all its business, customer service, and administrative support operations,” he added.

The state agency also said that over the years, it has dedicated the month of October to honor and appreciate all taxpayers for their invaluable contribution to the government’s revenue.

Masudi said that they had streamlined tax operations to make it easier and efficient for taxpayers to pay taxes by investing in modern technological platforms with an aim to improve tax compliance and minimize operational costs.


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