2023 Finance Bill and What it means to Kenyans

Introduction of WTH (withholding tax) of 5% on gross payment in respect to digital content monetization.

Introduction of two new tax bands for PAYE at 32%, a percentage for those earning between 500k to 800k and over 800k at 35%.

VAT on petroleum products to be at 16%

Vintage chairs are also a great choice. They usually become a focal piece of the office, not just a comfy place to sit.

Do it in just five steps


Since all 3 of our design inspiration leans more minimal, we can gracefully incorporate all styles.

You can even incorporate comfortable seating. Who says a workspace has to be all work and no play?


Incorporate materials that are complementary. That can be woods, metals, or colors that are neutral.


You can create your own desk with two sawhorse legs and simple plank of wood, or purchase a minimal wooden desk.


Lastly, put the finishing touches on your workspace once all the furniture is assembled and put into place.


The Result

A well-rounded, minimal chic office space!

Voilá !

Next up

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