Local and Foreign Company Registration in Kenya

Local and Foreign Company Registration in Kenya

Dennykins and associates, provides persons and groups with the chance to register their local and foreign company in Kenya. In most cases, foreign and local company registration services can be hectic, but this should never be a worry anymore. You are in the right place; we take pride in providing clients with local and foreign […]

How To Write a Memorandum of Appeal in a Tax Case

It is statutory for business entities to abide by regulations set by the constitution regarding business operations. Every country has a set of rules and regulations in place to ensure cohesiveness and transparency in the commercial sector. It is for this reason that dennykins and associates are committed to help new businesses and existing entities […]


Tax Invoice Management System (TIMS) Recently, businesses in Kenya have encountered massive transformation due to the actualization of the progressive Digital Economy. As such, it is critical for businesses in Kenya to adopt and ensure digitization, to ensure that they stay ahead and at per with the economic curve. One of the major pillars of […]

Brochure Digital Service-Tax_

What is Digital Service Tax (DST)? This is a tax that is payable on income derived or accrued in Kenya from businesses carried out over the internet or an electronic network including services offered through a digital market place. When is DST effective? Digital service tax (DST) became effective from 1st January 2021. Who is […]

KRA TAX Investigations (Investigation and enforcement)

  Investigation and enforcement Investigation and enforcement or Tax investigations involve inquiries into the tax affairs of a taxpayer where the Commissioner has reasonable cause to believe that a taxpayer is involved in tax evasion and violation of revenue laws Once investigations commence, the Department obtains the facts and evidence needed to establish the elements […]

Renewal of Nairobi County Permits and Licences

Renewal of Nairobi County Permits and Licences Pursuant to the Deed of Transfer of functions from the Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) to the National Government dated 25th February 2020, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was appointed as the Principal Agent for collection of all Nairobi City County revenue. KRA reminds all members of the […]



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